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  • Add Some Chill to Your Workout

    Stay Active: A Balanced Workout

    A Balanced Workout Schedule

    Add yoga or Pilates to your exercise routine to balance body and mind—and boost your overall well-being.

    While regular activities such as running or swimming keep your body healthy and strong, they might also result in uneven wear of muscles and joints, lack of flexibility and, ultimately, discomfort. That's why more and more professional athletes turn to yoga or Pilates to complement their workout and to rebalance body and soul. You can, too! The deep breathing and stretching of yoga can help: prepare your body for the strain that comes with exercise stimulate blood circulation make sore and shortened muscles more flexible avoid injuries from other activities counter physical and emotional stress open up body areas that are tense or off-balance Pilates has similar effects, with a particular focus on stabilizing the "core" of the body—the back and abdomen.

    Doing a few yoga or Pilates exercises before or after your workouts or on the days in between will not only enhance your fitness level but will also improve your concentration, inner balance and general well-being.