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FUTURO™ Product Range

  • Specifically engineered with custom dial technology to create and adjust pressure on affected tendons. Provides stabilisation and comes in simple design for quick and easy application.

  • Designed with a flexible and breathable four-way stretch knit material that reduces bunching and promotes optimal fit and all-day comfort. Suitable for left and right knee/elbow.

  • Features side stabilisers and silicone beads that deliver extra support and stay put during activity or exercise. The patella gel pad provides targeted warmth and compression, and the breathable material and low-profile design add comfort for all-day wear.

  • Comes with soft-touch fabric and material specially designed for all-day wear comfort and durability. Has stabilisers to provide extra support while immobilising the entire joint. Ergonomically shaped, reversible, and suits both left and right thumb/wrist/ankle.

  • Designed for sports and other physical activities with its side stabilisers, tension pads, and ergonomic cut for better movement. Has neoprene blend to help retain warmth during sport activities. Made with comfortable, skin-friendly materials to reduce sweating and keep skin dry.

  • Comes with medium to high density polyurethane foam that is low-profile and has enhanced breathability compared to traditional neoprene. Odour-resistant and ideal for all-day wear. Can be used everyday or during sport activities.

  • Designed to promote the recommended therapeutic position for a good night’s sleep. Made from soft, breathable, and lightweight material and features cushion beads for comfort and protection. Can be used with or without socks.

  • Designed by women to fit a woman’s natural curves. Made with dual-stretch knit fabric that is breathable, lightweight, comfortable and soft. Suitable for all-day wear and fits discreetly under everyday clothing.

  • The breathable elastic knit structure provides comfort, compression, support, and fit for all-day wear while you go about your daily activities.

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