Support your active lifestyle with 3M Science

FUTURO™ ready-to-use braces and supports put science to work for you to provide the comfort, fit and compression you need to get the most out of each motion. Here’s how they do it!

  • futuro braces and supports are developed by 3M Science to provide warmth in targeted areas


    The warmth created by the special texture and fit of FUTURO™ Braces and Supports promotes microcirculation within the small vessels in the areas that need healing. This increases metabolic activity in the warmer areas so that more oxygen and nutrients can reach the tissue and support the healing process.

  • the compression found in futuro braces and supports aid in muscle recovery, increase blood flow through muscles, and improve performance


    The compression that FUTURO™ products exert, both on the joint and the underlying soft tissue, help provide support.

  • futuro braces and supports help in injury prevention and improve proprioception


    FUTURO™ Braces and Supports use continuous, gentle pressure to stimulate special receptors (proprioceptors) in the skin and tissue. This invigorating process can improve your body’s biomechanics and coordination of muscles.

  • consumers rely on the science and expertise of futuro braces and supports for joint pain relief

    Proven by consumers

    FUTURO™ Braces and Supports are supported by an expert panel of engineers and medical professionals. These products have been demonstrating their beneficial effects in the prevention and relief of joint pain for over 70 years with patients all over the world. Now it’s your turn to experience the science behind FUTURO™ products.

FUTURO™ Braces and Supports — Technical Features and Benefits

To effectively provide you with warmth, compression, and proprioception, each FUTURO™ product range has unique and advanced features developed by 3M Science.

  • Custom Fit
  • Comfort
  • Ultra Performance
  • Deluxe
  • Sport
  • Performance Comfort
  • Night Range
  • For Her
  • Compression Sleeves
  • All Day

Using advanced design and engineered materials to ensure proper fit and comfort


  • Elastics
    • Breathable, dual-stretch elastic knit material for all-day comfort
    • Cotton/polyester/nylon blend — stretch from spandex
    • Lightweight, breathable and ideal for extended wear
    • Contour fit for comfortable support and durability
  • Neoprene Blend
    • 70% styrene butadiene rubber and 30% chloroprene (neoprene)
    • Offer compression, heat retention and support
    • Chosen for strength and durability, more power for compression
    • Ideal for wearing short periods of time
  • Foam Laminates
    • Treated for odour resistance
    • Ideal for wearing longer periods of time
    • Stretch, power and durability similar to neoprene
    • Medium-to high-density polyurethane foam (alternative to neoprene) provides enhanced breathability to neoprene
    • Precision-fit laminate includes breathable foam with mesh and fleece lining that transfers moisture away from skin
  • Spacer Fabrics
    • Treated for odour resistance
    • 3D fabric allows moisture and air to pass through easily
    • Used for breathability when application doesn’t require as much stretch or power
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  • Hinges

    • Allow mobility in a single plane
    • Common in knee braces to help stabilise ligaments and prevent sprains and knee hyperextension
  • Stays

    • Increase rigidity of underlying material to provide stability while still allowing some flexibility
    • Commonly used in knee and back braces
  • Gel/Foam Cushions

    Provide targeted compression, comfort and improve fit

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  • Custom Dial

    • Designed to provide a custom fit
    • Apply targeted pressure on the affected area
  • Splints

    • Commonly used in wrist braces
    • Limit joint mobility — helps prevent unwanted motion and reduce the risk of further injury
  • Fastening Systems

    Hook-and-loop fasteners allow for an adjustable and customisable fit

Feel Good and Look Good with FUTURO™ Products

FUTURO™ Braces and Supports are powered by 3M Science to help you live life without disruption. Click on the button to explore our wide range of pain prevention and relief products.